Windows 7 End of Life: Solutions, Everything You Need to Know

If you use a computer or laptop, you have a Windows operating system, then this news is important for you. Microsoft has now made preparations to stop supporting Windows 7 (End Of Life). Its support will also be discontinued in the same way as Windows XP and Vista. In June last year, Microsoft discontinued official forum support for Windows 7. People used to take their problems on this forum and experts used to say its solution.

Windows 7 End of Life: Solutions,Everything You Need to Know

Windows 7  Last Updates Date.

Now from 14 January 2020, Microsoft will not provide support for Windows 7. That is, you will not get updates. These updates also include security fixes and patches that protect the computer. However, you will get support when you give money.

Microsoft introduced Windows 7 on July 7, 2009. After Windows 8, then Windows 8.1 Came and after this, in July 2015 the company Launch Windows 10.

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Now the company will sell Windows 7 Extended Security Updates and for this, you will have to pay every year. This will happen because enterprise users have been using this operating system for a long time and it will not be easy for them to remove it even further.

Common users will not get updates. That is, if you use Windows 7 (End Of Life) even after the scheduled time, then you may be at risk. There will be more security loopholes because you will not get security patches. The company has not been providing new features in Windows 7 (End Of Life) for a long time.

Microsoft Said
Windows 7 End of Life: Solutions,Everything You Need to Know
Windows 7 End of Life: Solutions, Everything You Need to Know

US software company Microsoft has said, “You can continue using Windows 7, but after the support is over, your computer will be at risk in terms of security.

The company has written in the blog post that users can use Windows 7 even after the support is over, but they will not get security updates or new features. That is, it will not happen that the company stops supporting and your computer will stop working, then you should not stay in this confusion.

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According to the company, Windows 7 support can still be installed and activated. Let me tell you that the latest Microsoft operating system is Windows 10 and the company wants people to use it more and more. Windows 8.1 will provide Microsoft Security update to users by June 10, 2023, after which the updates will also be discontinued for this.

Download Windows 10: On Your Computer.

The easiest way to get Windows 10 is to go to Microsoft’s website and download the Windows 10 ISO file. So that given the size of the download, you will need fast internet. Apart from this, also keep a black USB or DVD drive on which ISO file can be run later. Or only through this, you will be able to run the setup on your machine. You can visit Microsoft’s website for license requirements. Click Here To Download Windows 10

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Windows 10 System Requirements.
  • Processor: 1gigahertz (GHz) or fastest processor or SoC.
  • RAM: 1gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bit.
  • Hard Disk Space: 16 GB for 32-bit OS 20 GB for 64-bit OS
  • Graphics Card: DirectX9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver.
  • Display: 800 x 600 Resolution.
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