What is Web Hosting?- Web Hosting Fully Explained,Beginners Guide

Just as land is Required to Build a House.A Domain and Hosting are Required to Take a Business and Website Online, But in Today’s Articles, We Will Know About Hosting Like What is Hosting, How Web Hosting Works, How Many Types of Web Hosting, How and Where to Buy web hosting, Etc…

Now-a-Days We all Have a Smartphone or Laptop and Both these Types of Files Like Songs, Videos, Image, Documents and More, Which We Save on SD Card or Hard Disk of Laptops, Just Like When If We Open a Website, Then in The Website Also We Get to See all Kinds of Contents Like- Photo, Video, Songs, Documents, Text Etc ..

Have You Ever Thought That When We Open the Page of Any Website, Where Do All These Photos and Texts Come From? So Friends, All These Contents Online, The Places in Which the Store Resides in the Same Location We Call Web Hosting, The Domain is Just The Name by Which it is Recognized as Globally.

What is Web HostingAll the People Related from Blogging Speak it Web Hosting in The Technical Language, the Physical System Used to Do it is Called Web Server, The Server is connected to the Internet at all times, Then We Open the Website 24×7 Whenever You Want. It Can See And Read its Contents. If We Say in Simple Words, Web Hosting Stores The Completes Data of Your Website And Works to Make it Accessible to The User.

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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting provides the space to place all your websites on the Internet and with the help of this, any person or company website can be accessed through the Internet, that is, the web hosting files, images, The data of the video and website is stored on a special computer, which is called a web server.

This computer is always connected to the Internet.

What are The Types of Web Hosting?

We have yet to know what web hosting is and how it works.There are various types of hosting services available in the web hosting industry.

  • Shared Server Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

Which type of hosting you should take depends on the requirements of your website because the requirements of each business/website are different which should be chosen keeping in mind the right hosting.

Let us know about different types of hosting in detail –

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1. Shared Server Hosting

What is Web Hosting?- Web Hosting Fully Explained,Beginners Guide

This hosting is like living in a hostel. Just as in hostels you share your living space with many, similarly under this hosting type many websites are hosted on a physical server. The shared server allows all these websites to use web space and resources like CPU, RAM together resulting in the cost of this hosting type being lower than both other types of hosting.

So if you have a limited budget start-up and you feel that your website traffic will be limited, then shared hosting is a great option for you.

2. Virtual Private Server Hosting

This hosting is like living in a flat, where even if you share your main gate with everyone, you also get your privacy by having another gate at your house.

VPS hosting uses virtualization technology, under which a physical server is divided into virtually different servers, as a result, while being on the same server, the rest of the websites are unable to use your share of web space and resources. For this reason, this hosting gives you benefits such as privacy and security.

So, if you want to take advantage of the features of a dedicated server at a low cost, then choose VPS Hosting.

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3. Dedicated Server Hosting

What is Web Hosting?- Web Hosting Fully Explained,Beginners Guide

This hosting is like living in a bungalow, where you have complete control but you also bear the expenses of maintenance.

Dedicated server hosting gives you complete control over your server, where you are given root access for management. Another special thing, the use of your server and resources in this hosting is restricted to others, only you can use them, therefore dedicated hosting has the highest security level.

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Dedicated hosting is considered an ideal hosting solution for e-commerce, confidential and sensitive facts, large databases and high traffic sites due to its advantages such as high performance, security, and control.

Therefore, identify your business requirements, determine and choose the right web hosting according to them.

4. Cloud Hosting

What is Web Hosting?- Web Hosting Fully Explained,Beginners Guide

Cloud hosting is currently the best way of web hosting. There is little to no downtime. In this, the web hosting provider provides you with a cluster of servers and your files and resources are copied to those servers.

If a cloud server is unable to provide you services for any reason, then all the traffic of your site is automatically sent to other cloud servers. It has many advantages – even in the event of a server failure, the services of your customers will not be affected, it is affordable because you only pay for the resources you use. It is more scalable than VPS.

5. WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is a type of shared hosting that is primarily designed for WordPress sites. In this, your server is configured for WordPress itself and the plugins already required with the site to make the site secure, in caching Help is given.

Where to buy web hosting?

What is Web HostingThere are many companies in the world who provide better hosting, if you want all your visitors to be from India, then it would be better to buy hosting from India. The more your hosting server will be away from your country, the more time you will take to access the website. If you buy hosting from all the Web Hosting Providers in India, then you will not need a credit card for that. You can buy through your ATM card or Internet banking. Once you buy Hosting, you can easily combine it with your Domain Name, below you will find some website names that are worthy of trust and provide good service.

Disk Space

Storage Capacity of Hosting is called Disk Space. Just as you need a hard disk to save any data in your computer, for example – 500GB and 1TB of space, in the same way, there is storage in the hosting as well. If you can Aford then buy Hosting with Unlimited Disk Space. With this, you will never run the risk of getting disk full.

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How much data can be accessed from your website in a second, we call it bandwidth. When someone is accessing your website, then your server uses some data and shares its information, if your bandwidth is low and more visitors are accessing your website then your website will be down.


The amount of time your website is available online or available is called uptime. Sometimes due to some problems your website gets down, we call it Downtime. Today, all Hosting Provider Companies give a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Linux vs Windows Web Hosting

You have two options when purchasing hosting. One is Linux and the other is Windows. Have you ever thought what is the difference between the two? You can use any of the two hostings, but windows hosting is a bit expensive. Linus is an open-source operating system, so the hosting company does not have to pay to use it, so it is cheaper.

But the company has to pay for the license of windows, so they are expensive, both servers are very good, but windows are considered more secure than Linux. You will find more blogs and websites in the Linux server only because they are cheaper and give more features than windows.

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