PUBG Revenue Crossed $1 Billion,PUBG Beginners Tips

PUBG Revenue Crossed $1 Billion over the past year with a growth rate of 540 percent. According to the latest report from Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, PUBG Mobile increased its gross revenue from about $ 25 million in August 2018 to $ 160 million last month. It has seen a growth of about 540 percent. The PUBG has also received 165 percent year-over-year revenue growth on iOS outside China.

PUBG Mobile’s competitor Fortnite’s revenue has dropped 36 percent at this time. According to the report, PUBG And Fortnite’s games on the Apple platform earned revenue of about $ 25 last month.

PUBG Revenue Crossed $1 Billion,PUBG Beginners Tips
PUBG Revenue Crossed $1 Billion

PUBG Mobile has completed one year in March this year. Ever since Tencent Game launched this game on March 2018, it has grown to become the most popular game. PUBG Mobile has touched the figure of globally 400 million installs i.e. the game has been downloaded on globally 400 million devices.

The game added more than 45 million first-time players in August. This is the largest figure ever. The number of new players in July was 21 million.

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Let us know, recently the new 0.14.1 version update of PUBG Mobile Lite has been rolled out. This update of the game has been rolled out globally for everyone including India. In this new update, players will get access to Golden Woods Maps. Players will get new challenges in the new map.

Seeing the popularity of PUBG Mobile, the company introduced PUBG Mobile Lite some time ago. This version was introduced specifically for users whose mobile does not have much RAM and storage. An attempt has been made to make the light version of the game the same as PUBG Mobile to give the experience.

What are the Beginners Tips for playing PUBG?

Many players have many dilemmas about PUBG, especially in the minds of beginners. So let’s know about some basics. These beginner tips are going to be very helpful for you to play this game properly and enjoy this game. So let’s know how to play PUBG.

How you can master this game
PUBG Revenue Crossed $1 Billion,PUBG Beginners Tips
PUBG Revenue Crossed $1 Billion

1. Remember to keep your weapon away (you can use the X key in your PC), so you can run faster at around 6% more speed. meaning you can sprint six percent faster.

2. During the pre-game, you should remove your shoes. Because even in barefoot running you can run at the same speed by wearing shoes. But you can do this work by making more peace in it.

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3. If you want to recruit fuel (fuel) in your car, then for this you will have to keep your car completely static, but you can also refuel from within the car, for which you can right-click in Mezhud cannister in the inventory. Have to do.

4. You should use map markers at all times and number the specific directions (such as North / South / East / West) when you are in the team.

5. You can listen to the game’s voice chat, but you can also create your own chats to talk with your team members, sometimes you can listen to the chats of enemies who forgot to private their chats. Should be

6. Remember to toggle your rate of fire from B key or left on the D-pad in the console. This will make you easier to play.

7. Often players do not know that there are two or three types of aiming. Hip fire, a more accurate hip-fire (which requires holding the right mouse button), and aiming-down-sights (‘ADS’, for this, taping the right mouse button). You have to go directly to ADS to change the settings and by holding your right-click you can do this without toggling it on / off.

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How to master Strategies and Priorities

8. The big towns that come in your fight path are very dangerous places to start, but you can loot more things in it. Therefore, it would be better if you find a cluster of small buildings that are within your parachute range. The danger here is also less and you can also loot a lot.

9. The most important thing you can find in this game is assault rifles (ARs), a backpack, a bulletproof vest, healing items, and helmet – the higher the level of these items, the better.

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10. All doors are closed at the start of this game. If a door is open, then it means that someone has already come here. If you also leave a door open, then others will know that you have already come to it.

11. Fall damage occurs in the game, when you jump from any two stories buildings, then you may feel more damage. The higher the height of the building, the more damage.

12. If someone attacked you and you do not know where that fire came from, then you should sit quietly there or else run away from that place as soon as possible in a zig-zag manner and You should reach a place where you can cover yourself.

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