Paytm UPI QR Code Allow To Interoperable Payments for Merchant

Tech Desk. Paytm UPI QR Code: If you use Paytm frequently for UPI payments, then this payment system based on mobile has good news for you. The company has recently given users the freedom to scan any QR code. The reason for this is that you can scan the QR code of any app, not just Paytm, but it can be tested. For example, if PayPal is being paid at a shop and you do not have that app, you will still be able to pay by scanning its QR code through Paytm.

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Paytm was one of the first payment platforms in India that introduced the payments feature by scanning the QR code. This feature was the first to be used only by the company’s mobile wallet. After the introduction of UPI feature, it has become quite common to pay this way. This method is also considered safe, as it transfers money directly to the bank. If you do not know, then in this post we will tell you how you can make UPI payment by scanning the QR code on the Paytm app?

Paytm allow interoperable for merchant payments on UPI QR Code

Step 1:
  • Open the Paytm app and click on the Pay option. You will find this option in blue color on the top left of the screen.
Step 2:
  • After clicking on the Pay option, the back camera of the smartphone will open and the QR code scanner of the app will be activated. Now move your phone to the QR code and scan it. The Paytm app will automatically detect the QR code.
Step 3:
  • Once the QR code is detected, the Paytm app will take you to the payment page. The app will ask you to transfer funds. Enter the amount to pay from your UPI linked bank account and select the UPI option.
Step 4:
  • After this you will go to the UPI interface. Here you have to enter your UPI Security PIN and click on submit button.
Step 5:
  • Your payment will be confirmed and the amount you have filled will be reduced from your linked account.
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You will also get an SMS for its confirmation. Keep in mind one thing that never shares your UPI PIN with anyone under any circumstances.

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