ISRO Navic For Public Use, Navic better than GPS? When Navic will start working, Isro Navic Qualcomm

The Navigation System of India: IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation System) ISRO NAVIC is a Regional Navigation System That Provides Precise Real-Time Positioning and Timing Service, It Operates in India and its 1500 km Radius. ISRO NAVIC (Navigator) Offers Two Levels of Services, Standard Positioning Service and Limited Service. Standard Positioning Service is Provided for Civilian Use, While Limited Service is Provided to Some Specific Users Including the Army. There is a Plan to Increase the Number of Satellites in the Navigator System 7 to 11.

Navic For Public Use?

Navic For Public Use, Navic better than GPS? When Navic will start working, Isro Navic Qualcomm

The Indian Space Research Institute (ISRO) is Also Developing ‘Navigator’ Global Positioning Technology Just Like GPS. This Technology Will be Released by the End of This Year, Which Will be Accessible to you From Smartphones to Other Positioning Devices. This System Has Been Showcased at the IMC 2019 of Technology Held in New Delhi.

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Qualcomm is The First Company in The World to Buy This Technology of ISRO. This Technique The Geographical Location of The Indian Subcontinent Can be Ascertained. After the Development of This New Alternative Navigation System, The Geographical Location Can be Detected Through This System in Many Devices.

ISRO NAVIC Has Been Fully Developed in India. Through This System, The Geographical Location of Remote Areas of the Country Can be Detected. Currently, all Devices in India are Connected Through GPS Navigation Systems Developed by the US. Whether Your Smartphone or Smart-Watch or Location Tracker, Position Tracking is Done Only Through GPS.

NAVIC Better Than GPS?

It is Believed That the IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation System) Will Prove to be Ten-Times Better Than ISRO NAVIC America’s GPS (Global Positioning System) System. Unlike GPS Which is Dependent on L-Band Only, NAVIC Has Dual Frequency (S And L Bands). In The Case of India, The Actual Delay is Estimated by Measuring the Difference in a Delay of Dual Frequency (S And L Bands). Therefore, ISRO Navic Does Not Rely on Any Model to Find Frequency Error And is More Accurate than GPS.Navic For Public Use, Navic better than GPS? When Navic will start working, Isro Navic QualcommRead Also: Chandrayaan 2:Vikram Lander was in Touch With ISRO Through This Network Technology

ISRO Navic Mission Details

The System is Only With the US (Global Positioning System, GPS), Russia (Global Navigation Satellite System, GLONASS), Europe (Galileo) and China (Kompass). ISRO Has Been Working on it Since 2011. Between 2103 and 2016, Seven Satellites Associated With this Project Were Placed in Earth Orbit. The First of These Satellites, Which Was Installed in July 2013.

ISRO Had a Major Failure When the PSLV Launch Failed in 2017, With a Navigational Satellite. The Heat-Shield of the Rocket Did Not Detach From the Rocket. IRNSS-1I (IRNSS-1I) Was Successfully Launched by the 43rd Flight of PSLV (PSLV-C41) in XL Configuration on 11 April 2018.


SatelliteLaunch DateClassStatusLaunch VehicleCurrent Status
IRNSS-1A1 July 2013Geosynchronous OrbitLatitude: 27,59 ° E
Longitude: 55 ° E
IRNSS-1B4 April 2014Geosynchronous OrbitLatitude: 30,57°
Longitude: 55°E
IRNSS-1C16 October 2014Geostationary OrbitLatitude: 4,6°
Longitude: 83°E
IRNSS-1D28 March 2015Geosynchronous OrbitLatitude: 19,2°
Longitude: 111,75°
IRNSS-1E20 January 2016Geosynchronous OrbitLatitude: 29°
Longitude: 111,75°E
IRNSS-1F10 March 2016Geostationary OrbitLatitude: ±5°
Longitude: 131,5°E
IRNSS-1G28 April 2016Geostationary OrbitLatitude: ±5°
Longitude: 32,5°E
IRNSS-1H31 August 2017Geostationary OrbitLatitude: ±5°
Longitude: 32,5°E
IRNSS-1I12 April 2018Geostationary OrbitLatitude: ±5°
Longitude: 32,5°E

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Let us tell You That GPS Was Developed by American Scientists. Today it Can be Transported Anywhere Around the World With its Help. Technology Company Qualcomm has Completed Testing of this ISRO NAVIC Technology Developed by ISRO. It is Named Navigation With Indian Constellation (Navigator) System, Which Operates Through ISRO’s Satellite. It Has Been Developed as an Alternative to GPS in the Indian Subcontinent.

Mission Purpose

Navigational Satellite IRNSS Applications Include Map Preparation, Geodetic Data Generation, Accurate Timing Detection, Navigation Information Through Visual and Sound for Drivers, Integration With Mobile Phones, Terrestrial Air, and Sea Navigation and Passengers and Long journeys Giving Information of Terrestrial Shipping to People, etc.

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Different Areas Like Disaster Management, Vehicle Detection, Marine Helping Afford, etc. Work will also Address to the Statistical Analysis. According to ISRO, This System Will Provide 2 Types of Facilities. For General, General Shipping and Positioning Service and Other Restricted or Limited Service, Which Will be Mainly for the Indian Army, Indian Government High Officials and VIPs, and Security Institutions. About 14 Centers Have Been Built in India for its Operation and Maintenance.

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