These Are The Most Common Hacked Passwords

News Technical Desk. In the digital world, every information of the users is available on their e-mail or social media platforms. At the same time, users also keep many of their personal information on their smartphones. In such a way, to protect this information, users protect it with a password, so that no one can access their information. In the last few years, cybercriminals or hackers have obtained information by making a dent in the passwords of users’ e-mails or other protected folders. Not only this, but they are also emptying their accounts by finding the banking details of the users. Internet and mobile banking users, in particular, have been hacked by hackers. This year, more than 5 million passwords of around 5 million have been leaked, out of which 50 common passwords have been shared by hackers. Come, know about these 50 common passwords

These Are The Most Common Hacked Passwords

123456, 123456789, qwerty, Password, 1234567, 12345678, 12345, iloveyou, 111111, 123123, abc123, qwerty123, 1q2w3e4r, admin, qwertyuiop, 654321, 555555, lovely, 7777777, welcome, 888888, princess, dragon, password1 666666, 1qaz2wsx, 333333, michael, sunshine, liverpool, 777777, 1q2w3e4r5t, donald, freedom, football, charlie, letmein,! @ # $% ^ & *, Secret, aa123456, 987654321, zxcvbnm, passw0rd, bailey, nothing, shadow, nothing, shadow. , 121212, biteme, ginger

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This is the most common password that users use to create an account. The reason behind this is that these password users are easily remembered. Users create these passwords specifically according to the computer keyboard so that they remember the password. Hackers are aware of the common combination of these keyboards and easily breach the accounts of the users. If you are also using any such common combination password then change it. Otherwise, your account will also not be protected from hackers.

Keep These Things in Mind When Creating a Password

Whenever you are creating your e-mail or internet banking password, you should always create an alphanumeric password. An alphanumeric password, it is very important to have the combination of capital letters, small letters, besides numbers and special characters. Cracking an alphanumeric password is not easy for any hacker. After creating the password, change it every month or change it at frequent intervals. Even after changing the password continuously, your account will be safe and hackers will have to try to break into it.

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