Chandrayaan 2 Mission-These Are The Real Heroes of Moon Mission

From the start of ISRO Moon Mission Chandrayaan 2, everyone is keeping an eye on the news till the contact with Vikram Lander is lost. Every Indian is proud of ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2 mission. Even if some part of this mission is still incomplete, it is expected that ISRO will achieve success soon. But do you know that a total of Eight Heroes involved behind this Chandrayaan 2 Mission, including K. Sivan, Chairman of ISRO. know about these Heroes.

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K. Sivan: Chairman of ISRO

K. Sivan: Chairman of ISROAfter taking over as the chairman of ISRO in 2018, Sivan, 62, has been inspired to realize the Chandrayaan-2 mission despite several hurdles, including technical problems with Vikram Lander.

The ISRO veteran has spent 36 years in the organization and in the past served as the director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Center and Liquid Propulsion Systems Center.

S. Somnath: Director, Vikram Sarabhai Space Center

Chandrayaan 2-These Are The Real Heroes of Moon MissionSomnath is one of the key rocket scientists behind the development of ISRO’s heaviest rocket, GSLV Mk III, which launched Chandrayaan-2. He is also working to launch the Gaganyaan mission, the first Indian manned space mission, around 2022.

Somnath has also been involved in the development of throttle-capable engines for ISRO’s space program, which allows it to develop new rockets. Chandrayan-2 Vikram Lander had throttle-capable engine technology. It is important to reduce the velocity of the lander before landing on the Moon.

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V Narayanan: Director, Liquid Propulsion Systems Center

Chandrayaan 2-These Are The Real Heroes of Moon MissionV Narayanan, director of the Liquid Propulsion Systems Center, is one of the most important experts in cryogenic propulsion technologies. He has contributed significantly to Chandrayaan-2.

Dr. Narayanan is a Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering (FINAE) and a member of the Space Propulsion Committee of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) and a member of various national and international professional bodies.


M Vanitha: Project Director Chandrayaan-2

Chandrayaan 2-These Are The Real Heroes of Moon MissionMuthaya Vanitha is an expert in satellite communication. Prior to the Chandrayaan-2 mission, she has also been deputy project director of India’s first remote sensing satellite project Cartosat 1 and Oceansat-2 project. Vanitha has been working for ISRO for the last 32 years and has also been associated with the Mangalyaan Mission. She became the first female project director in the Chandrayaan 2 mission. Muthaya, an electronic systems engineer, has previously done significant work in data operations through remote sensing satellites.

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Ritu Karidhal: Mission Director Chandrayaan-2

Chandrayaan 2-These Are The Real Heroes of Moon MissionChandrayaan-2 mission director Ritu Karidhal has also been the deputy operations director of the Mangalyaan mission. Ritu Karidhal, who has been working with ISRO since 1997, has also received ISRO’s prestigious Young Scientist Award in 2007 from former President APJ Abdul Kalam. Karidhal, who hails from Lucknow, holds a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from IISc.

Dr. M. Annadurai: Former Director of ISRO Satellite Center

Dr. M Annadurai is the Project Director of the Mission. He was the former Director of ISRO Satellite Center in Bangalore. Annadurai was also the Program Director of the Mars Orbiter Mission “Mangalyaan” launched in 2013.

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P. Kunhikrishnan: Director, U R Rao Satellite Center

Chandrayaan 2-These Are The Real Heroes of Moon MissionA veteran of ISRO, Kunhikrishnan is the former director of its PSLV rocket program and has executed 13 consecutive flawless PSLV missions between 2010 and 2015, including the Mars Orbiter mission in 2013. He also played an important role in Chandrayaan-2.

V. V Srinivasan: Director, ISTRAC

Srinivasan has worked as a communications engineer for several years at ISRO’s satellite center. Since the launch of Chandrayaan-2, the health, performance, and trajectory of the spacecraft was monitored and controlled from a mission operations center of ISTRAC in Bangalore. Srinivasan has been associated with ISTRAC since 2017.

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