Call Center is Selling Your Personal Information

Tech Desk: Call Center This business is also such that what is associated with all of our lives, but we are still unaware of it. People’s personal information is being sold at a price of 15 to 50 paise per person. This business is more than ten thousand crore rupees. At the same time, foreign companies have jumped into it. There are some companies who buy data related to the personal information of the people in bulk at the said rate and then sell it to other companies at their own prices. At the same time, due to no law being made, the police are not able to do anything in such cases.

Rate fixed according to status
Call Centre is Selling Your Personal Information
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The special thing is that in this business of dealing with the personal information of the people, the rate is determined according to the status of the person. If you want to get information about the middle class or below, then it will be available for 15-20 paise per person. A VIP, an industrialist, a leader, an officer or someone who is above the normal category, the rate is 50-55 paise per person. Recently, the Delhi Police interrogated the gang involved in call center business, it was found out that the call center has information about all the people. We buy this information and sell it further. There is some center that use this private information to cheat people.

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Turnover above 10 thousand crores: Call Center Fraudsters

People usually get a call every day from the call center. If someone says to take insurance, then someone offers a plot, flat, credit card, or personal loan. There are dozens of products for which you are harassed for marketing. You must have wondered how these so many phones are coming, we had not given the number to anyone. It is only after this question that the mind-tingling arises. An official of the cyber-security wing of the National Informatics Center (NIC), on the condition of anonymity, said that personal information of people is being leaked indiscriminately. There are no two to four call center that works, but thousands of small and big centers have opened.

Foreign companies liked this business
Call Centre is Selling Your Personal Information
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Foreign companies, who come to do business in our country, had to survey and collect people’s data. The call center has now made their work much easier. They buy people’s personal information from these centers. 15 paise or 50 paise, this price is nothing for these foreign companies. They get all the data sitting. With this, they can give their business the desired twist. A new thing is that now many foreign companies have started coming into this business themselves, who buy information in bulk at a cheap rate and later sell it to other companies at a profit.

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According to the official, there are many call center that directly takes data from government departments, such as banks, insurance sector, telecommunications, railways and post offices. Since all records are digital now, there is no problem. After setting up in the concerned department, all the data goes from there to there in a few minutes. This business is constantly increasing in our country. Talking about the present time, the business of selling this information has reached above 10 thousand crore rupees.

They call people and easily trap them. If a family member is hospitalized, then that information also remains with the call center. At such times, they call the victim’s family directly as insurance agents. When a person is in such trouble, then they incur heavy losses due to financial help.

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No legal provision to stop: Call Center Fraud

Pawan Duggal, a Supreme Court advocate, and cyber affairs expert, says the government should immediately stop the business. Actually the problem is that there is no legal provision to stop this business in our country. Now, this business is taking the form of big industry. It is the exploitation of people and the violation of privacy. Against someone’s will, his information is being given to another person. Large companies use this data to conduct their business. This data works as a soul for any new economy. The Justice Srikrishna Committee was formed for data protection.

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