20 Best WordPress Plugins 2019

20 Best WordPress Plugins 2019

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n this post of the 20 Best WordPress Plugins 2019, we will talk about all those must-have plugins and some amazing plugins which any blogger must keep or try at least once.

There are about 50,000 plugins on WordPress today. Which are the main reasons for making WordPress the most user friendly. These are written in the PHP programming language and WordPress is also written in this language.

Plugins are a type of software that is programmed for WordPress.These increase the functionality of the site. There are many bloggers who do not know about many important plugins and are unable to make their blog powerful, attractive and responsive.

However, plugins should be used as per the requirement. Excessive use of these can also slow down the site. Especially sites with shared hostings. So in this post, we will learn about all the necessary plugins which will also boost the load speed of the site, so that we can keep the necessary plugins installed.

When you install WordPress, many plugins are pre-installed, But these are not enough to run a successful site. Therefore, let us tell you about some of the best WordPress plugins in our article.


This plugin is a very important plugin for WordPress ie All-in-one. It gives you full reports and control over your site. This plugin has been developed by wordpress.com. It better tracks the site.

It automatically shares each of your published posts on social media and also sends email notifications to subscribers in the free version. If your site is slow or the server is down, it will immediately notify you by email. How long the site has been down, how much time has been run, you get all the reports for free.

With the help of this, the location of views and viewers also gives information about referrals, so that you know where visitors are redirecting to our site. You can fully control the site from the dashboard of this plugin. If you use its premium version, then you get security, backups, themes, etc. according to your plan.

Youtube Plugin

This plugin is also quite amazing. This plugin becomes even more important for those who have a channel on YouTube.

You can embed your youtube videos, playlists, channels directly through links on your blog. The video is played as soon as it is clicked. This way the visitor does not have to redirect to YouTube.

Updraft plus

Everyone should use this plugin. This plugin saves full backups of all the databases of your site such as files, articles, images, etc. to your Google Drive or your selected remote storage.

So that if your site becomes a victim of a cyber attack or crashes or for some reason, all your data is deleted, then you can easily upload/restore all your files, articles, images etc. again on the site. In this, you can also set scheduled backups. Although it is also available in a Paid version, you only get a free version of all backups easily, then I would not recommend using a paid version. Extending the service to paid version There is no need for

Anti-Spam Bee

This plugin is similar to the Akismet plugin, which identifies spam links etc. in comments by readers and prevents your site from being spammed through its algorithm.

But the special thing is that after installing this plugin there is no need for user registration. As in Akismet. This is also plugin free. However, it does not use a cloud-powered server, it verifies the IP address of the commenters or trusts them on other sites according to the comments, gravator, etc., which is no better than Akismet.

Yoast SEO

There is hardly any site on WordPress today that does not use SEO plugin and that too in Yoast Seo plugin. Yes, this plugin is the most used plugin for SEO. Which helps you to make everyone from URL to meta description, posts, headings, alt tag, tags, paragraphs and their number of words, etc. Seo friendly. This is the matter of on-page SEO but it also helps in the site off-page SEO.

From uploading your site maps to search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, etc., the site is also very helpful in Google search console, social media links, etc. Overall, this plugin must have been included in the plugins. With the help of which the article is ranked in Google.

Breadcrumb Nav XT

This plugin shows the Navigation path at the top of the article to your site visitors. It shows which category your article is after home such as Home> Seo> Best WP Plugins.
In this way, it makes the site’s URL customized Seo friendly.

All-In-One Schema Rich Snippets

If you see the Star (*) mark on an article in Google’s search result, which increases your trust and you click on it. This is what makes this plugin work.

You can give your article a review and rating on its own. This plugin is very useful which increases the CTR (click-through rate) of any site’s article.

Table of Contents Plus

These plugins are also being used in abundance nowadays. It summarizes all the headings inside your article in a small table or says that the serial voice shows. On which the visitor can click and directly reach that topic without scrolling.
This is called index in English.


The work of this plugin is to track your site and show its report with the help of Google Analytics code. It is the most popular plugin for WordPress. It tracks the performance of the site and its articles, the location of visitors, the performance of ads, etc.

With its help, you can easily know which post is being visited the most. This is the record of every performance of the site. You can also track the performance of the site in real-time. This gives you a facility like Google Analytics where you can analyze your site. Therefore it is also called Google Analytics for WordPress.

WP Super Cache

This plugin is also a must-have plugin. This serves readers to your pages in static HTML. This causes the site to load faster without putting a load on the server.

If the load speed of your site is fast then it is also a ranking factor in Google. If for some reason it has to be uninstalled, then the plugin must first be disabled and uninstall.

Contact form 7- Paypal and Stripe Add-on integration

With the help of this plugin, you can accept payments on your site. This is also a very useful plugin. In this, you can link the form and send it via email.


If there are articles on your site that require tables, then you must use this plugin. You can easily create any type of tables with the help of a simple code of this plugin.

You do not need to code in it.

Download Monitor

With the help of this plugin, you can make your files downloadable and manage and track them as well.

You can easily set the ‘Download now’ button on your file. So that the download starts as soon as you click on it.
How many times your file is downloaded, you can also see it for free.

Compress JPEG & PNG Images

Images take the most time to load any site because of images. If your site images are fully optimized then your site will be fast loading.
This plugin reduces the size of your images without spoiling the quality. So this plugin must be used.
This is a very reliable plugin offered by TinyPNG.


You must have noticed that when a site is visited, a popup opens after a few seconds on which notifications, subscriptions or free sellings, etc. are written. This is called a popup notification. You can also make such a message show on your site. Through this plugin.


This plugin also becomes necessary when you have to clean the codes and files from the database of your site without using them.
This plugin helps optimize the site by cleaning up the non-essential data from your database.


This plugin is very important when you change the permalink ie URL of your article or page.In this case, this plugin must be used, it redirects your article to another URL. Visitors are thus prevented from landing on the missing page.
This is a ranking factor according to Seo.

Plugins are constantly updated on WordPress and new plugins are uploaded daily. If you want, you can visit the plugin directory of WordPress to know about any plugins.

Font Awesome 4 Menus

Through this plugin, Icon can be set before the page name according to the topic of that page. That is, in Breadcrumb you also see icons.As the home icon appears before the home is written on the home page.The menus look very attractive using this plugin.

Best WordPress Social Media Plugins

Simple Share Buttons Adder – Free
Simple Share Buttons Adder can be used to display social media sharing buttons before or after your content area (or both if you prefer).

You can define the text that is displayed, the locations on your website the sharing buttons are activated, and change many styling and configuration settings.

A premium version of the plugin retails from $10. It unlocks additional features such as custom colors, button positioning, and custom button sizes.

WordFence – Best Security Solutions Free

WordFence is the choice of millions of WordPress users for website security. It is easy to understand why as the plugin is packed full of features.

WordFence offers a firewall, many blocking options, login security, website monitoring, security scanning, and more.

WordFence Premium offers enhanced security features such as country blocking and password auditing for only $8.25 per month.

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